Light design is a new part of modern culture
20 May 2015

Light design is a new part of modern culture

On April 24 a master class on light design was held in the Moscow University (MEI) on the subject "Light: manipulation or motivation?» where expert teachers of School of light design of ITMO University spoke.

The program of the master class included consideration of problems which School of light design of ITMO University work at. The master program of chair of light technologies was also discussed. Students gained an impression about the ideological purposes and problems of light design in modern public and cultural space. The main accents emphasized a special position of the new interdisciplinary direction of professional activity – the light design standing on a joint of science, art, design and lighting engineering. The analysis of the social cultural situation showed that development of modern society, formation of new social processes and requirements, prompt growth of technologies and specifics of modern culture are those prerequisites thanks to which the light design becomes one of the leading professional directions.



Editorial office of ITMO University 

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