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Published 10 February 2016

Moscow Is Illuminated with Magic

Magic of Light exhibition had a great success in St. Petersburg. Now one can enjoy optoclones and realistic holograms in Moscow. Read more about the combination of magic and science.

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Published 04 February 2016

International Year of Light Is not Over

Today is the first day of the International Year of Light 2015 Closing Ceremony, which takes place in Merida, Mexico. International researchers, officials and representatives of non-profit organizations take part in this meeting so as to discuss the results of various activities connected with light science and lighting technologies. Here are the most important events of IYL-2015.

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Published 31 January 2016

LED technologies projects competition is announce

The Skolkovo Fund announced a competition of projects of research and experimental design works on the subject "Energy of Light — the O. V. Losev Award”. The year 2015 declared by the United Nations International Year of Light and Light technologies proves that there is an opportunity to provide rather high-quality, dynamically adjusted intellectual lighting which influences favorably on person’s mood, working capacity and health. On the other hand, nowadays light-emitting diodes give almost boundless opportunities for work on a joint of technologies and design, the possibility of creation of unique interior lamps, light installations and art objects.

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